Elite Professionals National Leadership - Kappa Epsilon Psi Military Sorority, Inc.

National Leadership

Soror Beverly Wyche Reid

National President
WTR '14, HR Zeta

Soror Beverly Wyche Reid is a retired U.S. Army Veteran with 23 years of active duty service and over 18 years of federal service in Human Resources. She possesses a Master’s in Business Administration. She has served as the President of Hampton Roads Peninsula Zeta Chapter, Regional Director for Region 4 and Vice President of Operations. She assisted in developing Sorors as leaders, mentors and collaboration, and turns vision and strategies into action. Uniting, Mentoring and giving back to our Community. As she upholds her promise as a Soror and Sister to always serve as the epitome of the Elite Professional while leading our beloved sisterhood into the future.

Email: national.president@militarysorority.com
Phone: 404-247-0333

Soror Typana LD White Edwards

National Vice President
WTR ’16, NL Beta

Soror Typana LD White Edwards serves as the National Vice President of Kappa Epsilon Psi Military Sorority, Inc. She is very proud of her Trinidadian American heritage and her Brundidge Alabama roots. She is currently serving in the United States Army, where she has held many highly coveted positions. Such as Equal Opportunity Diversity Instructor, First Sergeant, Branch Manager, Senior Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, Equal Opportunity Advisor and Senior Human Resources Specialist. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology, with a minor in Sociology. She has a true desire to give back not only to the community but to the Sorority. She joined the Sorority in Winter 2016 and has worked diligently and assisted readily as the first EO/ SASHA Director. Her greatest accomplishments are her two sons Auston, Andru and her grandson Asher.

Email: vicepresident@militarysorority.com
Phone: 404-644-0423

Soror Tamiko Brown

National Vice President of Operations
FA ’15, GA Sigma

Soror Tamiko Brown hails from the great state of Louisiana. She is a retired U.S. Army Veteran with 24 years of active duty service that culminated with the duties, responsibilities, and rank of First Sergeant (1SG). She possesses a Masters Degree in Healthcare Management. Since joining KEY in 2015, she has served our membership in several positions which include, Big Sister, Chapter Historian, Chapter President, Regional Director, and her current position, Vice President of Operations.  Her priorities are to ensure that the Sorority remains the premiere military sorority by continuously emulating the Founders’ vision of Sisterhood, operating in transparency, and providing opportunities for the membership to continually learn and grow.

Email: vpo@militarysorority.com
Phone: 404-789-4329

Soror Melina Moore

National Treasurer
SPR ’14, N.VA Epsilon

Soror Melina Moore is a U.S. Army Veteran and has over 25 years of federal service in financial management with a budget oversight of $4M. She provides strong positive leadership, technical skills, financial background, and organizational expertise that significantly contribute to the readiness and operational effectiveness of the financial arena. She has been a member of Kappa Epsilon Psi Military Sorority, Inc. since 2014 and has served in the positions of Director of Financial Affairs (2019 - 2021) supporting the National Treasurer’s office with the “business” aspects of KEΨ external to the operation of the sorority; Regional Treasurer (2018 – 2019) providing guidance and answering inquiries regarding financial policies and procedures; and Soror Representative (2017 – 2019) assisting the Regional Director with advisement, communication and served as a liaison between subordinate entities, and as a reference and resource to chapters/clusters. Within these roles, she serves as a steward of the sorority’s funds. Her priorities include ensuring that the sorority operates with efficient fiscal responsibility.

Email: national.treasurer@militarysorority.com
Phone: 404-247-1432

Soror Marilyn Norris

National Membership Coordinator
WTR ‘14, GA Beta

Soror Marilyn Norris is a 13 year Disabled Veteran of the U.S. Army and has over 20 years of Contract service with the Federal Government. She possesses a Master’s in Public Administration. She has served as the President of Augusta Xi Chapter, Bigs and Deans on numerous occasions. She assisted in the expansion of the organization in welcoming others to join us in our growth. She desires to continue to serve with other Veterans in upholding the mission and vision of the organization.

Email: membership@militarysorority.com
Phone: 470-355-2685

Soror Candice RookHarvey

National Chief Information Officer
SMR ’16, VA/HRS-Theta

Soror Candice RookHarvey is a United States Navy veteran with over 25 years of IT experience to include network administration, network engineering, cybersecurity analysis, and penetration testing. Candice holds a B.S. in Information Technology Management and possesses several commercial IT certifications. Soror RookHarvey joined KEΨ in Summer 2016 because she wanted to join a sisterhood of women who continuously give back, support the community, and understand the military lifestyle. She has held the following positions: Community Service Chair, Chapter CIO, and President of Hampton Roads Southside Epsilon. It is her desire to continue upholding her Sorority Promise, mentoring others and to give back to her community

Email: cio@militarysorority.com
Phone: 404-563-0087

Soror Sonya Mayo

National Secretary
WTR’ 16, HI Theta

Soror Sonya Mayo is a U.S. Air Force veteran results driven and oriented Soror with 30 years significant and progressive experience. Possesses several degrees and history of helping to optimize operational and administrative processes within challenging, fast-paced environments. Sonya has assisted readily in several positions in the organization. She joined KEΨ to continue mentor and give back to every community that she’s apart.

Email: national.secretary@militarysorority.com
Phone: 470-355-2685

Soror Vaughnchette Rudisill

National Chaplain
WTR ’16, HR P Delta

Soror Vaughnchette Rudisill is a decorated U.S. Army Veteran, a dynamic business consultant and empowerment speaker as well as a published author. She has served as the Events Coordinator for Hampton Roads Peninsula Zeta Chapter, Soror Representative for Region Four, Pearl Process Director of Operations and State Director of Texas and California. She is focused on the best interest of Sorors and is passionate about speaking life into challenging circumstances. She is steadfast about the mission and vision of our sorority and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Email: chaplain@militarysorority.com
Phone: 470-355-2686

Soror Elizabeth R. Drayton

National Historian
WTR ’14, GA Beta

Soror Elizabeth R. Drayton, is a native of South Carolina and is currently serving in the United Army as a Branch Manager at Human Resources Command (HRC), Fort Knox, KY. She has also served four years in the United States Navy, with a combined total of 17 years of active duty service. Soror Drayton joined KEΨ in Winter 2014 because she wanted to continue giving back to her community with like-minded individuals. She also desired to join a sisterhood of women that understood military service. She has held the following positions: Vice President of Augusta Xi, Interim President of Atlanta Gamma, and Pearl Process Director of Training. It is her desire to continue upholding her Sorority Promise, mentoring others and to give back to her community.

Email: historian@militarysorority.com
Phone: 470-355-2688

Soror Ruby Polite

National Recording Secretary
SPR ’16, GA Alpha Beta

Soror Ruby Polite is a retired U.S. Army Veteran, with 20 years. She possesses a Master's in Business Administration, Master's in Human Resource Management, and a Certificate in Project Management. She assisted the previous National Leadership team in updating and creating Sorority policies and procedures. She served as the Assistant POC for the Phenix City Pearlz Cluster, now known as Phenix City Alpha Delta Chapter. She worked as the Logistic Director for the National Pearl Process Committee. She currently serves as the National Recording Secretary and she is willing to assist wherever is needed. She believes in giving back to the Community and she upholds her promise as a Soror and Sister, and to always present herself as an Elite Professional.

Email: recording.secretary@militarysorority.com